An adventurous musical journey starting from Brittany, passing through India (Shantiniketan, Varanasi, Khajuraho, Konarak, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Pondicherry), Paris, Berlin, Venice and Rome, following the story of the French-born Alain Daniélou, indologist and musicologist who mainly lived in India between the 30’s and the 60’s.

In Banaras (now Varanasi) Daniélou and his life partner, the Swiss photographer Raymond Burnier made for 15 years their home in Rewa palace, on the banks of the Ganga. Here Daniélou became a Sanskrit scholar, converted to Hinduism, studied Indian classical music, played the veena professionally and wrote books about Veda, Hindu philosophy and Shivaism. Since 1950 Daniélou is the curator of the first world classical music collection for UNESCO. In 1963, been back to Europe, he founds and directs the Berlin International Institute for Comparative Studies and Documentation, carrying on the recordings for the UNESCO collection. Indian Music, Dance, Religion, Tradition vs Modernity, Sculpture and Philosophy are explored in this documentary through the eyes and the autobiography of Daniélou himself “The Way to the Labyrinth”, with a main focus on traditional Indian music , the “the Music of Gods”.

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Roma • SummerMela Festival

29 June 9pmCasa del Cinema

22 June 9pmHommage Danielou – Palazzo Rospigliosi, Zagarolo


18 march 11amCinema Farnese


27 February 9pmCinema Odeon


17 February 9pmTeatro Barbarigo


15 February 5.30pmIRCAM – Centre Pompidou
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Three versions available

58′ English v.o. / English, Italian, French, German with ENG subtitles

78′ Italian v.o. / English, Italian, French, German with ENG subtitles

78′ Italian v.o. / English, Italian, French, German with ITA subtitles

India-Europe Foundation for New Dialogues was founded in 1969 by Alain Daniélou under the name of Harsharan Foundation. Nowadays FIND, besides conserving and promoting the founder’s work, intends to bridge the growing divide between Indian and European cultures, thanks to a mutual knowledge. FIND is the executive producer of this documentary film, of which it owns much of the archival photographs and original musics’ rights.




Kama Productions is a newborn production company located in Venice and Rome, focused on eastern culture and performing arts, especially on music. KAMA producted the documentary film ‘Aquagranda in crescendo’ (2017) and coproducted with FIND the documentary film “Alain Daniélou – Into the Labyrinth” by Riccardo Biadene (2016) also present in Venice this year. KAMA coproduces Summer Mela, the main italian festival on indian cultures.2016) and producted the documentary film “Aquagranda in crescendo” (2017).



the director


Venician born in 1973, Riccardo Biadene works as film director (“Like a man on Earth”- Italy 2008, Finalist David Donatello, codirector Segre/Yimer, “Marino Mazzacurati”-Italy, 2010, codirector Greco, “Azezana, Kabul”-Afghanistan, 2011). He’s Artistic Director for FIND – India-Europe Foundation from 2007. He created e directed CINEMA.DOC Distribution Film Festival (Venice, Rome, Turin, Florence, Salina, 2010). He founded KAMA Productions (2016) through which in 2017 is coproducing this work and producing doc film “AQUAGRANDA in crescendo” directed by Giovanni Pellegrini.


A film by

Riccardo Biadene


Matteo Cocco
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Matteo Cocco
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Simone Pierini
Riccardo Biadene
Vittoria Fiumi
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Mattia Biadene

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Mattia Biadene
Stefano Campus
Jason Gillet
Gianluca Scarlata


Lorenzo Pazzi
Desideria Rayner
with Mascia Calamandrei

Script editor

Riccardo Biadene

Story editor

Raffaele Passerini

Executive producer

KAMA Productions

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Guillaume Pires
Sophie Staeglich

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